Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One more skirt

I have finally got time to upload my photos of my final skirt for the sew-a-long.  I loved this watermelon fabric when I first bought it and now Im pleased I can see it often when my daughter wears her skirt. She wasnt being very cooperative with the photos!

skirts 029skirts 031

We have had a fun filled weekend with fishing, visiting the library and today we took the train to Brisbane and went to South Bank.  The kids had a swim and play at the park. It was a teachers only day and as a bonus my husband was off work due to the 'fire' on Friday. 

On that note, the good news is their jobs are safe and he gets a couple of days off while they sort out where they are going to work and get new computers.  Also, a lot of the stock was undamaged by the fire and it looks like most of the damage was in the office and the roof. My hubby is just annoyed he left his watch on his desk so has been asking all weekend what the time is!!!

I am also a bit worried that I am a little bit overtired at the moment. I spent 5 minutes hunting for my pjs last night and then finally realised I was already wearing them... when did I put them on? who knows?

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