Monday, October 26, 2009

Some sewing

I have been wanting to include the picture of this apron I made for a good friend of mine. She is also a kiwi and she designed the apron, I made it for her as a thank you for coming up with the name for my blog :)


koru apron

This weekend was destined to be very busy and then I ended up with a tummy bug yesterday... so just rested and felt sorry for myself. Missed a friends birthday party and had to postpone family photos for today.

But back to normal today and have spent the morning sewing!! 

Have made the front of a quilt for my cousin's baby that is due in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully I will get around to finishing it before she makes her appearance :) here's a peek...

sewing 006complete with loose threads!!

Have also half-made the fronts of two Christmas stockings. 


sewing 004this one will be a little stocking for my sister's cat no less!!!


I now have to get cracking on all my other projects as Christmas is not too far away!!

The other thing I want to do is figure out how to get people over here to visit my blog.  Not much point in writing it for nothing! :) Any ideas, anyone reading :) please let me know.


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