Monday, November 2, 2009

A cheerleader, A cat, a vampire, a mummy and a ghost

Last night we went to a friends for the most amazing Halloween party. It was a fantastic afternoon/evening loved equally by the children and the adults!

halloween 060halloween 008halloween 014Bubba was a cat but she has already rubbed her nose off and taken off her ears in this picture!Sonic had a cape I made him which I lined with red but he kept turning it in the other way!! My children have minds of their own :)

Of course I am a procrastinator so was up until midnight Friday night sewing costumes and making food right up until we left the house!  Of course I always plan before hand but still end up leaving everything till the last minute. I remember being like this at University too, so maybe I just need to accept it is who I am.

This morning we got up very early to go to Shorncliffe ( a beautiful spot north of brisbane) for family photos.  A friend of ours is starting a photography business and photographed our children earlier this year and the photos were fabulous, so we are looking forward to seeing today's ones.


photos 148Beautiful Shorncliffe Pier... we come down here all the time, so beautiful, has huge park, beach and bbqs and is only about 20 minutes away ... perfect :)

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