Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas is coming, the stockings are getting done :)

Well, the Christmas stocking group is working hard and creating BEAUTIFUL stockings!! Its very exciting seeing all the wonderful new ideas, beautiful fabrics and getting to know each other over a bit of sewing and usually something yummy for supper. I promise next week I will take some photos and post them. We usually meet on Monday nights but the very dedicated are here as often as they can. 

Here is a snap of the stockings I am making for my cousins boys... its a big surprise and I know they don't follow my blog so the secret is safe for now.  One of my friends making stockings wanted to put a photo of her boys on their stockings and I recalled seeing something like that over at One Crafty Mumma.

So, liking that concept, I took a photo of each of them, my friend Corina, the photographer, photoshopped the fence out from behind them and then they just took a life of their own!!  The fronts are finished and now they just need a back, some batting and an inner, a bit of cord to finish them and Viola! Two happy little boys :)

rhonan stocking

rhonan stockign clos up

reece stocking

reece stocking close up

I am also flat out trying to organise my darling daughters 4th birthday party which is on Sunday. The theme is a carnival and there is lots of preparation. I will post photos on monday (as long as I remember to take them!!!)

Today my beautiful friends have been here all day helping with preparations - lucky arent i!!!!


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Mel Goodsell said...

Your stockings are looking fabulous!! I love how you've done the hats, that's really clever.
Thankyou for the no bake slice ideas too for Bella's birthday party - a great idea :)