Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The countdown...

In two weeks today, my three children and I will be jumping on a plane and going back to New Zealand for 6 weeks. We plan to catch up with family and friends, lots and lots of relaxing and lots of playing at the beach near my parents place. Of course that means all my crafting for christmas needs to be done by then!!

AND I have my little ones 4th birthday this weekend so a nice easy party... NOT!! Of course I go all out for parties and this is no exception. She's having a Carnival, so its hive of activity here. I'll post some pics next week of the party. I think I had children so I could make birthday cakes - prior to having my own, I made cakes for my nieces :)

In the meantime.. here's a few pictures of the kids cakes from earlier in the year...


Sonic had a pirate party and I really enjoyed creating the big ship and treasure chest.



Little Miss Sunshine absolutely loves Kombi vans, it was the obvious choice but oh so difficult!!! I wasnt very pleased with it but she was happy so thats all that matters.

Its stockings night tonight and they are looking soooo good!!! What a crafty bunch of girls. I will post some photos before I go away.. including some of my ones for this year. I cant believe I have nearly finished one for me!!! Yippeee!! Santa might bring me some goodies too!

Take care

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Mel Goodsell said...

That pirate cake is fabulous!!