Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mothers intuition

Today has been an emotional day.  My eldest daughter is struggling at school and I have been trying to get some answers for the past 18 months. Her new teacher is wonderful and listened to my concerns and refered us to a Behavioural optometrist. 

Today she had her appointment and I am so relieved to get some answers.  She can see fine but has some problem with focusing her eyes together, making it tiring and hard to do her reading and writing. Of course this is exhausting for her and we bear the brunt of her frustration at home.

Once she has her new supercool and groovy glasses they will be able to do the rest of the testing for Visual processing disorders.

So Im very relieved and optimistic about her future of learning.

Here is the sweet girl.. I'll pop a picture on next week too when she gets her new glasses (which sadly they dont make in adult sizes and Mum, its not cool for you to have the same glasses.. well pardon me!)

keeley hair

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Silvia said...

She is supercute indeed!!!Surely the glasses will make her even cuter ;-) Best of luck for future reading and writing!