Thursday, November 5, 2009

Toast and craft don't mix

This morning I raced out of bed at 6am to quickly whip up an apron as a gift for a little boy who's party we were going to at 10am.. yes, ever the procrasinator.

I decided to make him a robot one but spent a couple of hours last night surfing the net for some inspiration.  THis is what I came up with, thanks to a lot of inspiration from Miss Smith at home. I just love the little panels she has on her robots - too cute.

So this is what I came up with

other 001


I was really pleased with the result and it was fun to make.

I have however decided eating toast while trying to sew is not cool!! My toast (expensive gluten free too!) folded in two, slipped out of my hand and landed, peanut butter side down, in my trims!! lovely...other 004

Anyway, today my youngest has  spiked a 40C temperature and is feeling quite miserable. Im waiting for my hubby to get home so we can visit the doctor. I just dont feel in the mood to take 3 grumpy children to a doctors waiting room.

I am also wondering how to get traffic to my blog  - will start asking other bloggers. If you are visiting please say hi and let others know to stop by - thanks :)


Silvia said...

Oh noooooo, it's a shame for the trimmings but the robot idea is awesome!!! I'll keep it in mind for when my little boy grows a bit older and goes into the robot phase (right now he is into trucks and cars...). Good luck for the doctor and get well soon to your boy! A hug all the way from Italy:-)

Leonie said...

THanks Silvia, Apparently just a virus so we have to wait it out. i loved making the robot!! so much fun. will definately make more.