Monday, November 9, 2009

A weekend at home...

We've had a nice weekend at home.  My littlest is not well, 8 days of high temps (around 40C at times) three visits to the doctor, 2 ear infections, 2 different antibiotics, daytime sleeps, nighttimes screaming ... just not my little darling. She's so sad...I hope tomorrow she can turn a corner.

So a weekend at home was in order.  I spent yesterday doing some sewing, another koru apron, a special order for a friend, a bit more on my stockings, 2 pillowcase nighties for my eldest.

 pics 009

Last night we made homemade pizza (a common saturday night meal here) but instead of cooking it in the oven we popped it on the bbq - YUM!!!

pics 012pics 013

I found that it worked best to cook one side of the dough on the grated part and then we flipped it over, the kids popped on their topping and we then put it back on the bbq with the hood closed. It was just too yummy!!

Today I sorted out my craft room.  My scrapbooking table is now organised so I might do some :) I have sorted all my ribbon's and ric rac  etc and put them in labelled jars... nice...and the sewing desk is also getting a going over too! I feel so much better when everything is easy to find.

This afternoon I took the eldest two for a quick visit to my cousin and her little baby - so sweet but still in hospital with jaundice.

I am starting to get a bit worried about how much there is to do before we go to NZ for Christmas and Ive got my husbands 40th and my youngest 4 th birthday before then !!! aaaRRGGHHH. Lots of planning to do.

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