Friday, December 4, 2009


Yesterday was the day we picked up my darling daughter's glasses. There was much excitement and parading for all the ladies doing stockings.  At school this morning there was more parading and I was so impressed with the way her teacher and other staff made her feel so special about her glasses.

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Her teacher stood her up in front of the class and asked if anyone noticed anything different about her, and to show her they thought she looked beautiful by giving her a big smile - too cute. The Deputy Principal saw her and said " oh you look so Beautiful".  Such a nice response.

Today we also received our end of year school reports and portfolios (they finish at midday tomorrow) and my husband and I are so proud of our dear children. Both received outstanding reports and beautiful comments from their teachers. The nice thing is their comments are truly reflective of their strengths and they know our children personally and value them.

We moved our children to their current school at the end of March this year. The school they were at previously was a living nightmare. 2600 children! 10 prep classes! And last year our little boy was assaulted by another student. Our son had only just turned 5 years old. The other boy, his classmate, grabbed his head and smashed his face into a brick wall. And as if that wasn't bad enough, the teacher overlooked it and my poor little boy sat in class all day with a massive haemotoma under his top lip and his front teeth pushed back into his gum.  The school, despite three visits from us, did absolutely nothing. The Principal refused to see us and Education Queensland didnt want to know about it. We were devastated, in shock and disbelief and utterly utterly disappointed.

We moved them to a private Catholic School of 400 students and it is worth every single cent we spend. They are nurtured, valued, loved and taught respect, morals and compassion. The teachers are the cream of the crop and are absolutely amazing .

Phew! now thats out of my system, I guess I continue to be impressed and amazed with our new school, thank you to them for the love they show my children.

I have a whole lot of posts to do but have been snowed under with getting ready for our trip to NZ next week. Im going to try and pop them on before I go but at the moment Im not getting to bed until midnight most nights and then trying hard to keep my eyes open all day... until that second wind arrives!!! and then do it all again - terrible.

Tomorrow Little Miss Sunshine has invited 10 friends to come after school for Christmas craft... totally worth a post!


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Silvia said...

I knew she would have looked stunning with her brand new glasses!!!
Sad the previous school was so a mother I think also about my son's future and dread that bad things can happen to them. It must have been really shocking for your poor child, I'm glad is all sorted now! School is already hard and they must enjoy it otherwise there's no point to it, right?

Ditching the Wii | Kiwi at Heart said...

[...] The doctor asked if Ben had experience any trauma in recent years.  I told him about Ben being assaulted at his previous school. I have written a little bit about it here. [...]