Monday, December 28, 2009

A belated merry Christmas

Well, its been a busy time this christmas and we had a lovely day.. finished my stocking to hang up with only hours to spare! Dad whipped up a stocking tree for all our stockings to hang off and I will post a picture and link when I get back to Oz and in my own comforts :)
We spent Christmas day at my sisters, playing on the kids wii and having lots of food and rest. Our family are not tradiitonal christmas fare eaters so it was sushi, corn on the cob, ham, roast lamb, new potatoes, garlic prawns etc. But everyone's wishes were catered for...except my sister promised me roast kumara! and she forgot!... there is a bit of a running joke in my family about how I only come home for kumara (which is new zealand sweet potato and Im sorry but its the best sweet potato you'll ever eat). So she knows when we return to her house - there had better be roast kumara for me!
At the moment we are in one of NZs most popular tourist spots, Rotorua. If you are not familiar with NZ, its is halfway down the north island and is where the thermal activity and bubbling mud is mostly found. It smells a bit like rotten eggs, but that doesnt seem to deter hundreds and thousands of people who come here each year. We are staying with my husbands brother and his family. The kids are loving spending time with their cousins. I have, unfortunately been sick since Christmas eve (although a lot better today) and my poor eldest, Little miss Sunshine is now vomiting and has a bad headache. So my sister in law has taken all the other children to the movies, my hubby and his brother have gone mountain biking and Little Miss Sunshine and I are just hanging out. She's watching a movie and Im making the most of an internet connection :)
My hubby and I are heading off for four nights after new years on our own - very excited about that. It is an early wedding anniversary celebration as will be 10 years in March. Mum and Dad seem to think we are doing them a favour leaving them the kids for five days!!! Miss that...
Anyway... no pics to post at the moment, Im on strike from doing craft for a few more weeks :)

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Silvia said...

But I love your Xmas menu, so different and tasty!! As it happens I'm bored of roasted chicken and so on ... !
What a coincidence then I live 20 mins away from a village very famous for his mud and thermal water, Abano Terme!
So have a quick recover and enjoy the rest of your time in NZ, most of all your romantic trip ;-)