Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day...

2010 0772010 079We might not be Australian, but as kiwis we are very fortunate to be able to live and work here in Australia. Australians are very patriotic and we had planned to go to the beach for one of the many celebrations being held. Our plans changed so we could catch up with friends, and also when we heard of the hundreds of people getting stung by blue bottle jellyfish at the beaches at the moment.

For Australia Day we went to visit our kiwi friends in Brisbane. They have just renovated their home and it looks gorgeous!!!  We had a late lunch, with burgers in the shape of Australia ;) and dessert was Aussie mess - YUM!!!2010 078

A plane was flying over heard writing in the perfectly blue sky... we figured it was Telstra advertising ... it read CALL MUM (although I wasnt quite able to get it all in one shot... should have changed to widescreen now that I think of it!).

2010 076

So it was a lovely day. On February 6th is Waitangi Day, which is New Zealands national day where the signing of the Waitangi Treaty, between the Maori and Europeans is remembered.  Here in Brisbane a Maori Arts festival is being held on Waitangi Day, and one of my supa dupa cool friends is going to be displaying her photographs, she is amazing and talented and the photos give me goose bumps.

www.manamaoriarts.blogspot.com has all the info about this for those of you in the area.

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