Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A day at home...

We have had a quiet day at home today.  My littlest has a high temp and sore throat and has spent the day doing very little, as I write this she's just woken up from a nap (very out of character).2010 053

This morning I actually got a little bit creative :).  I have been covering school books ready for Wednesday and the new school year and because I have a strong aversion to Contact/coverseal I usually resort to good old brown paper.  We had been given some great precut book covers from the NZ fire service and they were awesome to cover the books with. My cousin also put me on to reusuable plastic covers from the Newsagent. They were perfect for the text books and can be used again next year.  The rest got the brown paper treatment.

Today I played around with some scrapbooking paper on Little Miss Sunshine's and she was so happy with the result. Unfortunately, I still ended up getting out the dreaded contact to cover them at the end but Im wondering if next year I try Mod Podge instead.

So here are the pile of books and the few I decorated for her...

 2010 0462010 0472010 0482010 057


Then Little Miss Sunshine made us Gluten Free pikelets for afternoon tea.. from scratch... on her own. I love watching her grow more confident in the kitchen

2010 0492010 0502010 059

And a sign of approval from Sonic :)

2010 061

THis same boy has stayed in his PJs all day too ... hehe!!

2010 055

So what did you do today??

Tomorrow Im going to share some of the great goodies I bought in New Zealand and a little project Ive started working on.

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