Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Home sweet home

Well we are home at last! After a huge 6 week holiday we are  back to reality!

It was an amazing holiday and I found it very hard to leave NZ today.  My heart will always be in NZ, with my family and I hope one day we will settle back in NZ.

We arrived back in Brisbane for the hottest day in January for the past two years, 36 C!  How unfair is that!  It has been a struggle getting through today with the heat on top of tiredness and our holiday coming to an end.

My poor Hubby is off to work tomorrow and the kids and I have to start sorting out all their school stuff for next week. Nothing like hitting the ground running.

I have heaps of photos to share, and maybe a little giveaway too :). But I need to know how to get more traffic to my blog to do that

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