Saturday, January 30, 2010

Im going to be a boy at kindy

At home today with 2 sick girls now, very quiet... Ive kept off the computer for most of it doing those lovely chores like emptying and cleaning the pantry and the laundry. i havent had to leave the house as a good friend picked up Sonic to go to school this morning and he is going there for his first official sleepover, without his big sister, very exciting.

Ive also made Kindy sheets and a bag for them for Bubba starting kindy next week. She is adamant she doesnt want to go and only wants to go if she can be a boy from now on.  She really is the funniest kid :) I tried to explain to her about the difference between boys and girls (she does have a brother after all) but she wasnt willing to accept the truth... oh to have a girlie girl!!!She always pulls such funny faces for photos, ever since she was a baby. Im putting together a collection of them to make her an album called funny face ;)

2010 nz 122IMG_2819IMG_2811

The sheets have to be very specific sizes to fit the beds they use and I didnt have time to hunt for something with the right dimensions so I pulled out a Duvet (doona) cover that hasnt been used for a couple of years and whipped up the sheets and a bag for them to go in, with her name clearly on the outside. She will hate them because they are pink but I was not buying the ones kindy was selling at $30 a pop, and they were all disney characters. Why have disney when you can have pretty homemade ones from your mum!2010 095(hmmmm... could have ironed it a bit better LOL!)2010 096

I also used a bit of mod podge to fancy up her lunchboxes. Im not sure how it will hold up but at least it looks cute to start :)

 2010 097

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