Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Miss Sunshine creating

For Christmas I found Little Miss Sunshine this gorgeous book

2010 085

And quickly put together a little sewing kit for her, with felt, needles, scissors, cottons and some very cool Kombi fabric (she is a Kombi addict :))

2010 0862010 087


And then she got creating....

2010 0722010 0882010 090

I love seeing her take an interest in the things I do and want to do them too. With her cooking and sewing and scrapbooking she's starting to turn out just like her Mum :)

Last weekend we signed her up for Netball, which we cant wait to start. Little Miss Sunshine is very tall for her age and I have no doubt she will make a great netball player.

The next craft we are going to work on is teaching her to knit and then sew on the sewing machine. I have saved my old one for her.

Bye for now, my baby has been sick for the last four days and Im going to give her lots of mummy cuddles.

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