Thursday, January 21, 2010

Prepare to be overloaded

So this is supposed to be a craft blog and there's been very little crafting recorded on it while we have been in NZ.  So today I will bombard you with pictures of our holiday and then tomorrow its back to some serious creating!

The Christmas corner at my sisters, the kids and their cousin posing on Christmas eve.

2009 nz 1962009 nz 198

Finished stockings for myself and my son, Sonic (his previous one had something spilt on it so I had to make a new one)

2009 nz 2102009 nz 215

ROTORUA... the Redwood forest (Hubby and his brother went mountain biking through here and also took the kids for a walk)

2009 nz 2602009 nz 257

Thermal pools and bubbling mud


2009 nz 2662009 nz 262

Enjoying time with cousins at Skyline Rotorua (a ride up the Gondola, luge back down, chair lift back up and do it again.. until you fall off, like my eldest and end up with a large graze full of rubber on your stomach which requires days of dressings!! poor wee sausage - its all better now thankfully :))


2009 nz 2762009 nz 284

2009 nz 3002009 nz 308

2009 nz 3162009 nz 318

2009 nz 342


Ok, so Aussie has the Big pineapple, big prawn, big banana etc... but New Zealand has a BIG corrugated iron Sheep and Dog (being a farming country of course) there's a shop in the sheep and the information centre and public toilets in the dog... its a little place called Tirau

2009 nz 3712009 nz 370


Then it was back up North for the New Year and a trip to a carnival at Mangawhai ... the place I would most want to live in NZ



2010 nz 0082010 nz 011

Ok... thats enough today its taken me ages to load them.... tomorrow I'll do the rest!!! Going to feed my children lunch and be creative for the afternoon :)

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silvia said...

I loooove pictures!!!! Beautiful these ones of yours, looks like you and your family had a great time. Happy creative time now!