Saturday, February 27, 2010

Birthday wishes to a special Nana

mums dreamworld pics 289Today is my Mum's birthday. My youngest is very sad because she wants to go to her party. We've been trying to explain to her that she's not having a party but she doesnt understand because last year was Mum's 60th and my family came over to visit us in Australia for her birthday and we had a party. We had a great holiday with them too - Brisbane is a great place for a holiday, even if you live here :)

I thought I would share the album I made Mum for her 60th. I painted a page white at the beginning and left it blank so everyone could add their messages.  The album was made of wood and of course I hunted high and low to find something to bind all the pages together. In the end I bought a ring binder folder and ripped the ring bit out of the middle, redrilled the holes where i wanted them on the pages and then put it all together... Mum totally loves it. (excuse the pics. the collage hasnt quite worked out .. but you get the idea :) )


crafts ive made-1 












Happy Birthday Mum, we love you lots XXXX

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silvia said...

Wow, it's really amazing! I love their wedding picture, so sweet! happy birthday :-)