Friday, February 5, 2010

A little bit of crafting

Finally Ive done a little bit of crafting.. not much and I forgot to take a photo of one thing that I gave to my cousin's daughter for her birthday last night.  I had bought her a gift but wanted a little something to go with it... so I made a little canvas clip holder (with a clip) and repurposed a cookie tin for her hairties (but no photo of that oops).

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My baby girl has started Kindy this week and absolutely LOVES it!! I was really worried as she said she didnt want to go but after just one morning she loves it and is asking to go every day - so we cant wait for next week.

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My big two are enjoying being back at school and our evenings are busy with lots of homework already!! Both have signed up for their winter sports (not that we really get winter here), Sonic is in his third year of Rugby and Little Miss Sunshine is starting Netball. Thats our weekends gone!!

Last weekend I spent the whole weekend Decrapifying our house. I feel so good for having it done but it was really hard work with it being so hot at the moment. Just the dreaded Garage to go... maybe this weekend.

We are having a quiet day at home so Im going to get stuck into doing some bits and pieces and doing what Bubba wants... sticker books, puzzles....




Sara said...

Aww, your little sweetie looks so excited to go to school!
What a smile!

Oh, and I'd gladly trade places with you... I could go for some HOT weather, we've been in the -10C to -20C for what seems like forever.
How I long for spring to come!

Emily said...

Thank you for the magnesium tip! I'll give that a go. Also, the rice CAN also serve as a cold pack. Thanks for visiting!

silvia said...

Oh I love the word decrapifying, so much of it to do in my house too although we try to keep it simple...
Beautiful crafting by the way, well done!