Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Wow! Ive  been so slack at blogging lately. 

Since we got back from NZ I have been so terribly homesick, lets see if I can write this post without tears.  Its silly really because I was reminded of the beauty in NZ when we were home - but I can see the beauty here too - we are so lucky to live here, its a beautiful place with so many opportunties but its missing something very important...

these people...(well minus us of course)


My mum and dad and my sister and niece. 

Our family isn't perfect,

we are not rich or fancy and we dont aspire to be,

we aren't drop dead gorgeous,

we dont agree on everything and

we don't even get on all the time...

 but we are family.

We love unconditionally,

we support,

we nuture,

we trust,

we understand,

we believe in each other,

we are there for each other...

except they are there and I am here and I miss them so much.

Every day my darling children ask when we are going to be moving back to NZ. They love my parents so much. My parents are the grandparents who teach them.  They teach them to cook, to sew, to plant and harvest a garden, to sneak into the garden and eat all the peas off the vine *ahem* not mentioning any names are we Elise :), to do woodwork, to make do with what we have, to make their own fun.  They read to them, play teachers, restaurants, anything. Take them to the beach, to museums, shopping, morning teas... all this and my Dad is disabled and Mum works full time. They are pretty amazing and we are so blessed to have them.

I don't know what road we are going to take next.  We still own a home in NZ, we rent here. I dont want to go back to the town we lived in, I want to be close to those I love.  I feel restless, unsettled, and lonely. We usually have a plan, something to work towards but at the moment we dont... 

We told my parents when we left we would visit as often as we could but the reality is its expensive. Its not just airfares, its hiring cars, its taking time off work (for my hubby).. and it means we also are missing out on seeing Australia which we really want to do.

Are you living away from your family? how do you deal with homesickness?

Sorry about the boring post... just been stuck on this since we came back...

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silvia said...

Dear L., nothing concerning real life is boring, it's real life and it's great you managed to let it all out and transfer it into words. I have lived far from my family for more then 10 years before I came back to my hometown to raise a family. I was not homesick then because I was young and carefree but I understand so much your feelings right now, that's why we moved back to be close to at least one set of grandparents (though unfortunately my dad passed away one month ago tomorrow). Treasure the amazing bond with your very special family and work around a goal, if what you really want is to go back there must be a way to achieve it, maybe not immediately but one day. Just focus energies!
No richness, perfection, gorgeousness nor fancyness could ever be more appealing than the shining happiness that light up your faces in that picture!