Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10th Wedding Anniversary

2010 108Today this guy and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. 

(photo doesnt show but he's really much taller than me!! Im standing on a rock!)

It is wonderful to be married to a man who such an all round nice guy.  He is a great dad and has been hands on with all three of our little darlings. He baths them every night.. still.  He is great around the house.. mostly :), nah, he cooks, he does laundry and he even bakes too.. even Gluten free for me! He's a fantastic son-in-law too and my parents adore him. He's a hard worker, faithful and grows a wicked garden.  He is happy to hang out at home with us and loves V8 racing, fishing and rugby.

I remember telling my Dad many years ago what I wanted in a man - he had to be tall (check) good looking (check) dark hair (check) play rugby (check) hardworker (check) and some other things I cant remember.. he thought I was too picky.. in his wedding speech he admitted I had found just that.

My parents are a great example to follow as they have recently celebrated their 40th anniversary.

Of course 10 years of marriage has its trails but in the end - its worth it!

We are having a night out together this weekend to celebrate but our anniversary! A real date -yippee. And our focus going into our second year of marriage is Family  Family Family.

Whats funny is we are now living in Brisbane, where we went for our fantastic honeymoon!


silvia said...

Your story is wonderful and your family really special so congratulations to you and thanks for sharing this precious moment. Enjoy your night out ;-)

Leonie said...

Thank you Silvia. It really is exciting to reach this milestone. Now I just need the kids to get well so we can have our night out !!! Thank you for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog too, I really appreciate it.