Saturday, March 6, 2010

Brave mummy!

Wow! its been a bit of a stressful week here.  First the shocks went in my car :( and I had to drive to Brisbane (about 30km away) and it was terrifying the whole way there and back.  Secondly, a very dear friend is going through the most awful time that I wouldnt wish on anyone.  That was Sunday.. then Monday I broke a tooth. 

I have a really dreadful fear of needles and going to the Dentist just about does my head in. But I put on my big girl pants and went on Tuesday and got the tooth fixed and vowed and declared to come back and get the other things done that I need to do. The dentist was fantastic and they have the most amazing numbing gel... didnt feel the needle at all. I did feel having to pay for it though - OUCH!

Then today I got even more brave and had a Swine flu jab.  I have never had a flu jab or any other needles that I can avoid... hmm... last tetanus was 20 years ago... So Im feeling quite proud of myself for facing my fears (which are real to me, if not others).  I had the swine flu jab in front of my darling Bubba who is due for her 4 year old jabs so had to be brave. She distracted me by pooping her pants !!! Unbelievable!

Anyway - its all done now and I have a huge list of blood tests to have done next... EEEKKK!! more needles.

Now Im off to finish a cake for a three year olds birthday tomorrow... a train.

Back later with an ABC canvas I have just finished for my baby girl.

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