Saturday, March 6, 2010

Choo Choo!!

A dear little boy we know is turning 3 today and I was so excited I was making him a cake!2010 090

2010 098

Cute little driver at the engine

2010 091

Smoke stack  2010 096

And check out these Chocolate rocks that I found at Big W

2010 092

2010 093

Now my daughter (who's turning 9) wants one - Hehe!! Blue engine, purple and pink carriages...


cake idea and instructions are from here


silvia said...

You are an artist Leonie!!! No other words :-)
What a lucky boy he is!

Mel Goodsell said...

That cake is TOTALLY gorgeous!! WOW, you are really clever Leonie. I have a friend with a little boy who would love this - I'm going to send her the link now.
It's just so good!
Thankyou for your lovely and sweet comment on my blog the other day too :-)