Friday, March 19, 2010

Netball win!

On Saturday Little Miss Sunshine played her first game of netball.  It was so exciting and so hard to stay sitting in my seat.  Her team have been together for about 4 weeks and have never played netball previously.  They were amazing!! They have picked up the game and their positions so fast.

Little Miss Sunshine played Goal Defence (no surprise, being as she's so tall!) and had a short stint at centre... until she fell over and skinned her knee.

Her coach said she is going to be a great netball player as she is totally in peoples faces (all those years of tantrums have paid off - LOL).

Heres a few pics:

In her spunky new uniform (Australia colours even!)

keeley 1

In her defence position, those long arms and legs are just perfect for netball!

keeley 2


Defending her own player (ahem * Cough)


The girls won 3-2 and they were so excited.  I cant wait for the next game!

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silvia said...

Sport is so important for kids and supportive mamas cheering for them is the best incentive! Well done Keeley and good luck for the next game :-)