Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A post from the kids

Hi its the kids here.

We want to tell you about our favourite toys. We love Sylvanian Families.

2010 071

Before we moved to Australia we got the Ivy cottage and some families. This picture has the cat family. They are furry and cute.

Then at Christmas last year in NZ Nana and Poppa got us the Riverside Lodge and Mummy and Daddy gave us the car and caravan and some more families.

This is the Lodge and the Penguin family.2010 075


This is the car and caravan2010 066

This is the bear family in the caravan2010 079

This is the mouse family in the car2010 078

Our caravan even has a bathroom with a toilet2010 068

We play with them everyday but they have to be put away if our friends come over because they have teeney tiny pieces that get lost very easily.

thats mummy's finger with some small things

2010 0762010 077

Mum and our Aunty made us some food for our Sylvanians out of Fimo.  It is so cute. Nana bought us some more fimo so we can make some more presents for our Sylvanians.2010 nz 104

2010 nz 094

2010 nz 098

Yesterday Mum went to a shop where they have really cool teeney tiny things that would be good for our Sylvanians. We are going to save our pocket money to buy some. There isnt much Sylvanians to buy in Australia so we want to go back to NZ again to buy some more.

We're going to play with them now.

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Tamar said...

agggh so cute I think we are going to take the plunge - I have seen some in good toy stores but certianly not in target which a few readers had suggested
I was hoping target with a 20 % would be good LOL we are thinkign of getting the shop stuff rather than a house to start.
Tamar x