Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today was a better day and my giveaway prize arrived!

Yesterday was one of those days... I should have stayed in bed...

I was very excited to take my new baby to the school cross country yesterday and was having a great time playing with it while waiting for my children to have their run... doh!! I forgot to charge the battery so when they were up the battery was dead :(. Luckily my friend's husband was there and he lent me their camera to capture my darling daughter having a big meltdown about doing the run!

So she continued her meltdown after the run and I decided to take her home.  Jumped in the car with both my girls and took off and my car was making an awful noise.  I pulled over to figure it out and my back tyre was as flat as a pancake! A great big nail was stuck in it firmly... grrr...  I was just about to call my hubby and probably burst into tears and a lovely angel from the local garage who happened to be following me pulled in and said 'would you like a hand' - OH YES PLEASE!!  He kindly whipped the offending flat off and put the interesting looking 'space saver' spare on.... well, have you ever driven with one of those on the car!! Scary... maybe because ours was pretty much flat - oops.  Luckily we live 3 km from school and there is a tyre shop about half way home. I stopped in there and said Id be back for the tyre on my way to school, to pick up my darling son.

After school I had Sonic's parent interview.. which was great. He is such a clever little boy and his teacher thinks he's great.  She asked him what he thought she should tell me... his reply, Im great at reading, I have good manners, I am a good friend in the playground and my work is neat.... no shortage of confidence huh!

I then noticed on the wall behind her desk a beautiful picture for his teacher...

Me:is that from my Sonic?

Mrs S:Yes

Me:... Um... does it bother you he's addressed it to Dear Sue....from Sonic, its very familiar! 

Mrs S: he has put Mrs S. rocks as well... 

Well, yes, he has but since when does my 6 year old call his teacher by her first name????   too funny... he's such a charmer.


A few weeks ago I won my first ever blog giveaway!!! YAY! YIPPEE!!!! From one of my favorite blogs - Janelle Wind is such a talented and clever lady and what's more is she's currently compiling her very own book - can't wait!!

Today, after a lovely day at IKEA, I arrived home and my prize was in the mailbox.  I managed to slow down and open it slowly because look at how beautifully it was wrapped ... just gorgeous!

prize 1

prize 2

I cant wait to make it! The girls want it too... in pink!

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