Monday, April 12, 2010

finally.. a page created

I have finally finished a scrapbook page ... its been about a year since I have!!!

I didnt have a plan for it,  just went for it.

 Im not great a photographing my pages though, need to work on that!!!

We've had a quiet weekend, the kids had their friends over for a sleepover (2nd one this week) and today we went bed shopping for hubby and I.

Now the holidays are almost over I can get back to my crafting, thought I would get lots of home time this week but it didnt happen!!!

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Jules The Bling Princess said...

Glad to see you are scrapping again. If you get blocked again, give a sketch a try - they help me whenever I get blocked. Or even try scraplifting a layout you like. Love those owls - they are too cute!!! Cheers, Jules.