Monday, April 19, 2010

Gotta learn to crochet

I keep seeing such gorgeous crocheted items on the internet and I really need to learn to crochet.  I can knit, ceramic paint, scrapbook, cross stitch and sew, but Ive never learnt to crochet.

Yesterday Little Miss Sunshine and I visited the Mathilda Markets for the first time. Some beautiful handmade items there, although it was aimed more at parents of babies and toddlers, Little Miss Sunshine and I enjoyed having a wander around.

She fell in love with this crocheted beanie (even if it was a toddlers size :)) from here.  I really want to make some more of these! Too cute. Thats why I want to learn to crochet, so we can have them in every colour!



I'll be back with some pics from around the blogging world of things Id love to create if I knew how to crochet!

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