Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I see Red!

I have decided to join in Sailor & Company's Raw (e) photo competition again.. because this week the theme is RED!!! my fave colour!

My post title is called I see Red!  (a legendary song by a great kiwi band, Split Enz)

This photo is my new umbrella which I couldn't resist buying! Its perfect, with ruffles, polka dots and a little bow on the handle. 


So head on over to Sailor & Co and check out the other photos here


Natasha said...

I love that song! Great choice.

Great photo too-that is one cute umbrella!

Best wishes,

arizonamamma said...

Reminds me of My Fair Lady for some reason. Has that flair about it. Very cute.

PaisleyJade said...


Sami said...

That IS a fabulous would really go with the other entries shoes :)

Leonie said...

oh yes Sami, I love those shoes!!!

rebekah said...

oooh - like my polka dot shoes-i likeeee! :0)

Twenty little toes said...

A red polka dot umbrella, now that would be fun to have:) nice angle shot!