Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A rainforest adventure

Today we drove a really long way to O'Reillys at Lamington National Park.  The road was very twisty and narrow for about 35 km and I think it will take a while to get the courage to do that again! But O'Reilly's was gorgeous.
We fed the Lorikeets...

(Little Miss Sunshine freaked out about 2 seconds after this shot when the lorikeet decided to climb down her neck, lots of screaming a tears and a whole plate of food upended on the ground)

Went on the tree top walk. (suspended about 15 metres above the ground)..

and the brave children climbed up another 15 metres to a lookout up a tree...

And I played with my camera a bit.

Look at this cool koru shape in the trunk ...

Next time we want to do one of the walks, its 6 km and goes to a waterfall ... didnt have enough time for it today.

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silvia said...

Wow, wonderful pics, must have been a really great place. We definitely miss the large scale nature awesomeness in Italy so I'm suggesting to my husband a trip to Australia or Nz to celebrate his 40th birthday this summer, all alone ... mmmhhh we'll see where he'll end up to.
p.s.-Keeley skirt was really beautiful, well done!