Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Over at Sailor and Co they are having a Raw(e) photo competition and this weeks theme is WATER.  Photos have to be straight from the camera and untouched.

I straight away thought of this pic of my son when he was only 18 months old, it was taken on our old snapshot camera (cringe)

ben sprinkler fun

Its not as creative as the other entries but evokes happy memories for me :)

Join in the fun, here.



Sami said...

Great memories for me too! I love sprinkler shots!!!! Cute :)

Laura said...

Cute! Love the expression on his face!

Christine said...

I love it! I too used a sprinkler photo of my kids. I think playing in the sprinkler is a right of passage in childhood.

Leonie said...

I love your sprinkler photo too, love the sprinkler. Unfortunately, living in Australia now, with super tight water restrictions means our kids dont get to play in the sprinkler anymore.. luckily there are lots of great pools around!

Cat said...

I love this picture...you say it is not as artistic, but to me it really is
anything that can evoke an emotion offers some sort of artistic form
love the look on his face...youth!

Kristina said...

This photo is great! I am so enjoying seeing all the different photos of water!