Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I have had my first unplanned encounter with a snake!! On Friday Sonic and I went to Australia Zoo for his class excursion. We were making our way to the Crocuseum for the croc show when we came around a corner and one of the mums yelled - get away from there, theres a snake!  I turned around and pulled Sonic away (who was way too close for comfort).

SInce moving to Australia I have always said if I encountered a snake I would run until I got to the airport and jumped on a plane back to NZ... but in reality, what did I do, I went back to take photos!!! Until a zoo keeper shooed me away!snake

 Ok, so its not HUGE - but it is long and it had its head raised and didnt look too happy! (oh yeah, photo is shocking!)

We had a great day at the zoo and feed lots of these cute little fellas (or shelias?)roo 2roo



 we got home and my husband had cooked Kangaroo sausages for dinner!! WHAT!! there's no way I was touching them!

a  few other pics

koalacrocben at zoo


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