Saturday, May 29, 2010

thinking about quilting...

I have a half made quilt for my eldest, Little Miss Sunshine, and I finished the front about a year ago.. but Im too scared to quilt it and to poor to have it done professionally!

The only quilt I have ever made was for a friend's son about 4 years ago.. it was a cot size .. my daughter's is a queen - its huge!!

antons quilt

close up anton quilt

I handquilted the whole thing.. and while its not perfect - I totally love this quilt.

now to make them for my own children!!!

What was your first quilt?


PaisleyJade said...

I've only ever made two basic quilts (and am slightly embarrassed at their quality when you look up close) - but they are special to the girls and I'd love to try again sometime!

Good on you - can't wait to see what you make!

Jacqui said...

That is just gorgeous L! I love it :D
I am still procrastinating over Laura's quilt....

Leonie said...

Thanks guys... I am actually thinking now I will just get on with it... because it is totally about it being special to Keeley.
I read your post Kristy and its so funny! I think my husband would be too scared to touch my sewing machine (which is quite funny because he's an engineer... he'd just be too scared of my wrath if it wouldnt go afterwards!) I loved your quilts too... such gorgeous colours... I need to do a pink one I think.

Jacqui, that could be your next project, a quilt on top of growing a baby! we could start a quilt group ;)


Miriam said...

Oh super cute quilt! I have made my 5th recently but I'm still a total beginner!

Lisa said...

This is a gorgeous quilt. I think you should totally go ahead and finish it. You will be so glad you did.