Friday, May 28, 2010

Turning 7!

ben8 birthdayben7 birthday

Today my darling Ben is turning 7.  WHAT!! It just seems like yesterday he was a baby. He has been telling me all week, Mum, you know I am 7 this week and I am not a little boy anymore (bless!). That means I dont like Thomas or Cars anymore, it means I only like Ben 10!! (aarrgghhh! I hate Ben 10!) But I LOVE my Ben.

I always find around my children's birthdays I think a lot about their births and how they made their way into the world and into our hearts.

Ben arrived the day before his due date and he was my only labour that happened spontaneously (the girls were induced).  It was a pretty quick labour (only 1.5 hours of real pain and ten minutes pushing).  When he shot out like a rocket it was pretty frightening as he wasnt breathing and looked so still and blue.  Fortunately, my midwife was fantastic and had all the paediatricians on standby.  He spent a couple of days in the newborn unit and then I took my very precious wee boy home. And we all fell in love with him.

ben in bean birthday pics

Ben is a lovely boy. He is such a kind and caring brother and a good friend.  He is very gentle natured and empathetic to other peoples needs.  He is very good at reading (at 7 can pretty much read anything) and most of his school work, just doesn't like handwriting.  I love that at 7 he still loves a big cuddle from his Mum and happily walks down the road holding my hand. I am holding those times as very precious as I know it won't last forever.

Here's a few special pics of my blue eyed boy over the last 7 yearsben2 for birthdayben 5 birthdayben blue for birthdayben for birthdayben in boat for birthday


 (also, Happy Birthday to my Dad for Monday and my sister, Carla for tomorrow! its a busy week for birthdays in our family)

Ben's party will be in a couple of weeks when my parents arrive from NZ !!!! YAY!!! 

Here's the cupcakes for his class (they are studying Australian animals) Yes, they are echidna's and koalas... really!!!

koala cupcakeechidna cupcake

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Mena said...

What a cutie. Pretty blue eyes.