Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Watching the back of your eyelids & the things kids say

On Saturday night my dear boy, who was very overtired, asked if they could watch Toy Story. I said No, you can watch the back of your eyelids.  A few minutes later I heard him and the girls discussing it and the fact they hadn't heard of it.  My eldest yells out, Mum, are we watching the back of your eyelids, 'Yes' I yelled back.   Little Miss Sunshine : Whats it about??

He he he... I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face .. she finally got it and was not happy!

On Friday we were driving to school and I was listening to the kids chatting in the back. 

Little Miss Sunshine: I wrote on Sonic's birthday card that he has to stop growing up

Sonic: yeah, but I want to grow up and be an adult

Bubba: I don't, because then you die  (***what my 4 year old???***)

Little Miss Sunshine: nah, you've got a good hundred years left in you yet, you're just at the begining of the life cycle.  First you're at baby, then a kid, then a teenager, then an adult, then an old adult... then a really old adult.

I wonder where she thinks we fit in??? old adult or really old adult?

I love the kids things say, their innocence, their honesty... it makes my day.

Also, on Saturday, I attempted to teach Little Miss Sunshine and her friend how to knit.  It was really quite funny .. and frustrating.  Her friend cottoned on to it really quickly and Little Miss Sunshine is picking it up.. although their are lots of buttonholes (*grin*)  She was up again at 5.30am on Sunday 'working on her knitting' aarrrgghh!

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