Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back to reality

mum dad kids

(mum and dad with kids)

so, yesterday Mum and dad went home and I was very kind and gave the kids the day off school and kindy so they could say goodbye.  We had planned to take them to the movies on the weekend but Mum and I were too sick so I thought I would surprise them and we 'called in' to the mall on the way home.  We went to see Shrek 4 which they kids liked but I thought it was a bit scary for my youngest and a little too much of the same (thank goodness its the last one).

 Thinking I should be crowned by my darlings as  'Mum of the decade' I was really annoyed when we got home and all they did was fight... fight.. fight.  I know I should be looking at it from an adult perspective, they are over tired from a busy month of visitors, sad because their Nana and Poppa have just left, probably brewing my bugs.. but I was sooooo over it.  No matter what we do our house the kids fight about everything!  Too many strong personalities I think. 

With school holidays starting on Friday I was really looking forward to having today and tomorrow to myself and this morning Little Miss Sunshine woke up with a high fever, sore throat, nose running... grrr... I sound so selfish!!! So today Little Miss Sunshine and I have been to the doctor (for me... now on antibiotics for my chest infection) and now we are chilling at home. And I am grateful for this one on one time with her - really I am!

 I was reading this post over at Paisley Jade and it rang true with me... I find it hard to keep things in perspective about why I am at home with the kids and how important my role is. I forget that doing all those boring mundane household chores, being there to pop on a plaster on a skinned knee, or be vomited over is all part of that pure love in action.  I also get to attend all of my childrens school and kindy events, I get to be part of their friendships and their sports team.  I get to see them read a sentence at school assembly or Mass and the pride on their faces when they see me there.

Yes, its hard being a parent, extremely hard.  I didn't know I signed up for the sickness, the heartache I would feel when they are hurt by other people, the sleepless nights... but I take it all, along with the joys.

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PaisleyJade said...

Just read your post and it encouraged me (even after I encouraged you!!). Have had my youngest up crying for the last hour. Thankyou!!