Thursday, June 10, 2010

Carnavale and Diversity Day

Today my children have Carnavale and Diversity Day at school.  Of course costumes are required and I was up late last night sorting them out - even though Ive known for WEEKS!!

Here's Sonic as Mario... very easy. Thrifted denim overalls - okay, not so easy to find. I visited about 5 op shops to find the overalls and they werent actually that cheap! A red long sleeve tee from Best and Less (which will be reused) and a cap for a dollar with a very quick patch sewn on ... and the moustache - hehe very cute.

ben marioben as mario

Then my darling daughter who is addicted to Little house on the Prairie wanted to be Laura Ingalls.  So I found a dress at the op shop and a petticoat (very good find) and I hacked very neatly cut the bottom of the dress off to make a bonnet (which I will never EVER make again - you heard it here!).  And then a quick little apron.  Her hair is a bit short from braids but we did the best we could. She was happy which is the main thing.

keeley laura ingallskeeley laura

Yay! our special visitors are here!!!

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Jacqui said...

You are awesome! Great costumes :D K&B both looks rapt with them :D Enjoy your visitors!