Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ditching the Wii

My little boy is  learning a very hard lesson at the moment. I have been worried about him because he is so moody and unhappy. He used to be such a happy easy child.  So I made an appointment with his teacher and the doctor. 

His teacher said he is a great student.  He is achieving well above his age level and is well behaved in class. Her only concern is all he can talk about is the Wii and nothing else. 

I thought we were quite strict on the time Sonic spends on the Wii, but I do get really annoyed with the meltdowns if he has to get off it or isn’t allowed to play with it.  I have also noticed that’s all he talks about. 

So, I went home and packed the Wii  into the box and put it up high in the cupboard.  I can see my darling wee boy is obsessed with it.  I have watched  friends boys behave like this about playstation etc and vowed it would never happen in our house... but it has. We bought the Wii to enjoy as a family but it rarely gets touched by anyone but Sonic. And we talked about it for about 6 months before deciding to buy one, about whether it was the right thing for our family.

Of course, it met with great resistance.  He cried and cried and screamed and yelled. He told me he hated me and wished he was dead (gulp.. very hard to hear from a 7 year old). 

 The next day I took him to the Doctor and he checked out everything. Sonic had a blood test and didnt even cry!  Everything has come back normal, except he has low iron.  After the blood test we went to buy a Beanie kid (for being so brave) and I said, Sonic I love how happy and chatty you are without the wii. He said Mum I don’t think I can live without the wii..  which is exactly why it will be staying in the cupboard. And maybe... we will sell it. 

The doctor asked if Sonic had experience any trauma in recent years.  I told him about Sonic being assaulted at his previous school. I have written a little bit about it here.

So, I didn't think it would still be affecting him, but given that he didn't have any counselling or a chance to talk to anyone but us about it I think maybe its time we let him have a chance to talk to someone about it.  And maybe it is safer in the world of Wii than in the real world???

But!! he is now playing with all his other toys, he is creating massive lego structures, he is communicating with his sisters (fighting is communicating isnt it?) and he is HAPPY!!!!!

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