Monday, June 28, 2010

Ideas please!

My daughter has been invited to an 80s party next week.  She is almost 9 years old and Im struggling with ideas!


Im also starting to organise her birthday party which is in a couple of weeks...more to come on that :)


FaerySarah said...

jem and the holograms outfit? sweat bands, wrist bands, VERY high side pony tail with scrunchy, neon tights? (try supre) leg warmers? hehe sounds like fun!

Lisa said...

Yes definately leg warmers, big jumpers, bright colours. Plastic bangles, lots of them. think Madonna in Locomotion.
Hey nice to meet to, I see you have started following my blog. i too am a kiwi living in brisbane who loves to blog. Now I am about to have a look around. xxx

Leonie said...

Oh yes, its all coming back to me now - lol!! I will have to start hunting the op shops I think!

Leonie said...

And Lisa, nice to meet you too. I have been lurking around your blog for a bit and loving it!!

Simone said...

Hi Leonie... I spotted you as my newest follower and just had to come by and say hi :)
Love your blog, loved your post about your son and his Wii (my son is getting a bit to PS2 foorball, I hear ya)
Oh an 80's party; that sounds like so much fun!!
Hey and when you've done your duaghter's own beirthday party, come by and link up your post(s) to my party linky (click the ballon in my sidebar); I'm a bit of a party nut.
I'm planning my daughters Rather Fancy Sleepover at the moment too. Fun!