Monday, June 7, 2010

Party preparations

I have spent the last few days preparing for Sonic's party next weekend. I am trying to have it all done by Wednesday when my parents arrive so I can enjoy their company and NOT stress about what I havent done.. we'll see LOL!

sherif ben

one cowboy vest from a thrifted (SUPER UGLY) poncho - but perfect for us! -  CHECK

tin buckets

some cute tins for goodies - CHECK

unfin bunting

Some bunting that just needs the bias stitched on - CHECK


Tablecloths hemmed - CHECK

loot bags

Loot Bags stamped - CHECK

potato stamp

Thanks to this potato....



I am also painting large cactuses (or cacti?) and some other props for the backyard. Yeah I know, totally overboard but I LOVE having parties and this is what I enjoy - all the planning and preparation. I'll be sure to post all about it after the event. Im very proud as Ive got a lot of stuff from op shops or recycled things. My hubby asked if he could reuse the potato for dinner.. Erm... No!

Thank you for the lovely comments yesterday - it was so good to hear. Still feeling homesick but looking forward to seeing our special visitors on Wednesday :)



Kelly said...

potato stamps - very cool! Looks like you've got everything under control and kids love it when you go overboard!

Fiona Walmsley said...

How cool is your potato stamp! I love planning for kids parties too - I hope it's a fab day!

katepickle said...

oh this is looking so cool! Can't wait to see the party photos now!

tracey said...

looks like fun - ye ha!

Jacqui said...

Two words... freakin awesome!!!! Love the thrifting too, such a good feeling!

PaisleyJade said...

You are so clever!!! Loving all your party preperations... and yes, maybe a Queen's birthday party might be a bit too much after this one!!!

p.s that potato stamp is such a clever idea!!