Thursday, July 1, 2010

Winter in Queensland

This week and next are the school holidays in Queensland and its cold and rainy!!!  Since we have lived here we haven't experienced rain in June and certainly not temperatures of 16 C yesterday and a friend told me its 11C today!!! Wow!! so much for our endless summer!

We had planned to meet friends at our favourite seaside playground today but the rain dampened that idea pretty fast.  So... we braved the rain and headed to the library to get lots of books and dvds..

And this is just perfect!

It has meant lots of time indoors, wearing pjs, sleeping in, turning on the heating (oh bless the ducted heating!)

crafting(I set up our camping table in the family room with all their supplies)name canvases


keeley colouring

library book reading....library books

jigsaw puzzles...puzzleseating Mac n cheese YUM!...mac n cheese

And most importantly - just chillin'!!!

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