Friday, July 2, 2010

Heat Packs

I actually did some sewing today! Woo hoo!!  Years ago I used to make wheat packs and sell them at work.. pre children. But compared to the ones you see these days, mine were very plain and boring - but they worked.  I haven't had much luck buying wheat here and the last lot I bought from a dodgy pet store was filled with weevils - ew! So these ones are filled with rice (and a few drops of lavender oil).

I got inspired by this one, tutorial  here. I didn't follow the tutorial but liked the look, so created one of my own. I have a dear friend who has had a really sore back for the last few months and I have been planning to make her a heat pack.

Here's the one I made for her

nic heatpack

nicoles heatpack

The outer bag is removable so it can be washed and the inner I have divided in two so it wraps around easier.

Of course Little Miss Sunshine saw and she said 'ooo Mum make me one, it has to be pink and blue'...... half an hour later... here's her one..keeleys heatpackThis one also has a seperate inner but I have sewn the closure shut.

Then Sonic decided he wanted one but it had to have cars on it

ben heatpack

this was a bit of a disaster but he was happy

My big two had haircuts this morning, I love Little Miss Sunshine with her hair this short - so cute for an almost 9 year old! The hairdresser had nearly finished Sonic's hair and he asked if she had finished, she said 'not quite I'll just put some wax in it', Sonic said 'uh, I dont know'  She said,' but it will make it look all spiky'. So she put it in and he said, oh I thought you meant ear wax!!   hehehe

keeley hairben hair

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Corina said...

The heat packs are cool!!! I've actually been meaning to ask you if you know where to get wheat from for these cos I wanted to make an eye pack which is like the heat pack just smaller and you can put them in the freezer so if you have a headache or in the hot summer days you can put it on ya head, I use to have one but got a hole in it and instead of fixing it or keeping the wheat I put it in the bin!!!!

Oh love the photo of Elise and Hunter too cute!


Kelly said...

Love the heat packs! Does rice work similar to wheat then? I know you can buy wheat from health food shops here and I think I saw some in Spotlight.
And I look forward to seeing what you make from pillowcases ;) Heat packs would look great in vintage fabric - op shops always seem to have a decent supply of pillowcases

Juanita said...

Oh..the kids are just adorable also!! :)

Juanita said...

Awesome Heat packs! :) Wish I was more of a sewer, I think I'd have great fun!