Friday, July 9, 2010

Holiday wrap up

Well the school holidays here in Queensland are coming to an end and I must say it has not been the best of school holidays for us.  Dont get me wrong, we've had some good times and caught up with some great friends.. but for the most part the kids and I have been so scratchy with each other. 

It dawned on me today that it was we all crashed after my Mum and Dad went home just before the school holidays started.  Today my eldest said, Mum can we move back to NZ?  I said, but wont you miss all your special friends, she replied, yes, but not as much as I miss Nana and Poppa....  oh how that makes my heart sore!

So we've limped though the holidays... Sonic is tonight on his third sleepover (lucky boy!) and Little Miss Sunshine is on her second. A very special friend of mine is getting her 'girl' fix with her.. they are doing their nails, making necklaces (for Little Miss Sunshine's party) and just hangin'... she is feeling very grown up and special.

My littlest is learning that sometimes its tough being the littlest and watching everyone else do 'big kid' things.  But she is having special treats to make up for it - pizza for dinner, a dvd to watch and today she got some new clothes, a big girls booster seat AND some cool toys for $3 at the op shop :). She was also up nearly all night with asthma.. oh yeah that meant I was too!!!!

They've been to the movies, played with friends, visited the park, visited op shops.....

And me.. Ive got another sore throat - AARRGGHH!! just got over the last cold that lasted two weeks and a course of antibiotics!

I'll leave you with some pictures of my son learning to roller blade at the park yesterday - what a laugh... especially liking those rollerblades.. I can feel a pink and yellow scrapbook page coming on!!! LOLben4ben2


benben 3

 He did get it - but these shots were priceless!!!

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