Sunday, July 25, 2010

Playing with our food

Tonight for dinner Little Miss Sunshine spent a long time organising a special treat.

Stuffed baked potatoes with a whole lot of veges which we had to use to make mice!

Heres Little Miss Sunshine doing hers...mouse keeleykeeley mousesmouse benmouse elise

My miceleonie mouses

LIttle Miss Sunshine's micemouses

Sonic's micemouses2

Hubby's um... dodgems!! Ok, they are supposed to be mice but they look like dodgems to me and Im sticking to it!! LOLstu dodgems

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donna masters said...

love the tattie mice. Jorja made mince stuffed capsicum (with a little help from me), totally her own idea, very tasty. She loves to cook must be in the genes. If you have any child friendly recipes, they would be gratefully recieved.