Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sewing therapy: My creative space

Its amazing how doing something you really love can improve your whole mood.  I woke up this morning in such a funk... even tears which is quite unusual for me...  But after we did the groceries and I spent a bit of time with Bubba I got her settled in front of a movie she chose at the library (yep, tv babysitting here) I got stuck into some sewing, and felt the blues melt away.

Our kids are Beanie Kid crazy.  Between them they have about 30.. and as such they are taking over their bedrooms and the house.  They get them for birthdays, good school reports, blood tests, you name it! I love all the different ones and they are very cute but I needed to tame them into some sort of organisation. Elises bks

These are Bubba's ones....

I have been thinking about how to keep them tidy for a while and this is what I came up with bk holder 3bk holder ties

It ties onto the end of Bubba's bed and has 12 pockets.bk holder1elise in bedroom

Would you just do ANYTHING for that gorgeous face!!!

I used up some curtain fabric a friend gave me years ago which has been sitting in my fabric stash waiting for the perfect use. It was the perfect weight as its sturdy enough to hold its shape with the beanie kids in it.

Bubba was really excited and had to pull out all the beanie kids and put them back in her way :)

Of course when Sonic and Little Miss Sunshine came home from school they couldnt wait for me to make them one!

So far I have made one for Sonic and Little Miss Sunshine's I will do on the weekend..ben bk holderben bk holder3


I am so proud of myself for using fabric I already had.  Watch this space because next month I am going to attempt to have a 'No spend' month and finish all those WIPs I have!

This is my first time at playing along with My creative space at Kootoyoo.


Kelly said...

what a cool idea! I wonder if I could make one work on Elijah's bed - his has curved ends

I love the spotted one - very lucky girl!

And you're right - sewing is great therapy especially when you feel teary

I might join you on the no spend thing - can I count this week? hehe

Leonie said...

Thanks Kelly
Im sure you could come up with something for Elijahs bed.. ben's has tabs at the top whereas Elises has ties (just for their different beds..and Bens has 3m hooks holding it up!).
You are so welcome to join me on the no spend thing - I think mine is started already too... of course we are still going to have money for petrol and groceries as our school a bit too far away. But I have no other spending money gulp!

Rhiannon Woest said...

Those are so cool! It's a shame Yuna doesn't have an end on her bed to hang it on. By the way, got your lovely package yesterday, will blog about it over the weekend hopefully, but it's all GREAT!! I was showing off the little pouch at my craft group and they were all very jealous :)

donna masters said...

what a great idea, very cool.

Sophie said...

Hey Leonie, just popped over from Simone's to say You Rock! And also, LOVE LOVE LOVE this crafty idea!!! I might have to join you in making one!

Tracie said...

What a fabulous idea!!