Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hobby horse making

When my parents were staying and we were preparing for Mr Strong's  Wild West party my Mum and Dad and the kids had a ball making hobby horses to use for the horse races... and I forgot to post about them... so here they are!


Dont you love the big teeth on my Dad's one.. and Litttle Miss Sunshine's  had pretty ribbons and flowers, Sonic and Mums had lovely hats and there was even a Daisy the cow :) So much fun and kept my parents entertained for hours!

They were easy to make.  I picked up a packet of wooden cricket wickets at an Op shop for a couple of dollars.  We then used some old socks and lots of felt and ribbon.

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Jennifer said...

I love how creative you are on a budget, Leonie. It's amazing what you manage to find at an op shop!

Well I just wanted to give you a no-spending update. So, you know how I was wishing I could go and buy just a few more girly papers for my album making? Well I just got a belated baby gift today and it is a voucher to my favourite scrapbooking shop! So *technically* I won't be spending any money! I hope you don't think I'm cheating, but I was pretty excited about the gift and wanted to share! :)