Saturday, August 28, 2010

Im hooked!! (pun intended!)

Yep! Ive done it - I have finally got the crocheting thing!! Oh and its sooooo addictive.

Yesterday I bought one of those weekly magazine things that cost on $2.95 for the first one and then about $50 for each one after that... and it was on how to crochet.  Must have been popular as I got the last one at the newsagents.

The book

I only wanted the first one so I could get the basic instructions.  It was so easy to follow and the pictures were big and clear... I have tried to learn for months, Ive tried You Tube tutorials, book after book from the libray, even poor Mum tried to show me.. and it just didnt click .

So I spent yesterday afternoon crocheting this beautiful blanket...(please excuse the photos, they were taken on my phone)

the blanket.. for Sylvanian families
the blanket.. for Sylvanian families

hehe... it barely fits over one of the kids Sylvanian family creatures... it took me hours to do this teeney tiny little rectangle!!

Anyway it was fun so now Ive started on a dishcloth in a lovely bamboo cotton. It might take a while and already looks a funny shape but Im hoping it will get better as I go *grin*.

a wonky dishcloth
a wonky dishcloth

And if you want to see gorgeous crochet that has inspired me to learn.. take a look here and here (and be sure to check out the rest of their blogs while you are there  - they are two of my favourites)

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a new game on my blog.. with surPRIZES!!


PaisleyJade said...

Haha - love your Sylvanian family blankey! You could go into business with those alone ;)

So happy to have another addicted kiwi gal who understands!! Keep it up!! (and thanks for the mention).

Fiona said...

I hear you - I tried to learn to crochet for months from a book / the internet - all to no avail. Then I paid $15 for a one hour lesson at my local yarn shop and sorted out some of the problems and now I just want to crochet everything!!

Jennifer said...

YAY for crochet!
That is exactly how I learnt - I would make blankets for my Sylvanian Families when I was a kid! (Those are still my favourite toys in the whole wide world and I cannot wait to pass on my collection to Abbey!)
Good on you for persevering! Did you see the iCrochet link on Paisley Jade's latest post? Check it out, it's amazing!

lee said...

i tried and tried and gave up then a few months ago i tried a granny square and after about a week it finally clicked and now im addicted. the straight lines are hard cos it takes practice to get the tension right, i still cant really do them so i stick to grannies and