Sunday, August 8, 2010

In love with Organic Cotton

Today I am going to a friends Baby Blessingway.  (so she cant read this post before hand!)

She has been busy sewing beautiful things for her new baby from this GORGEOUS  organic cotton - I am totally in love with the feel of this fabric and it will be hard to use ordinary fabric again.  So I made her a cushion to go in the baby's room....

 bunting cushion

the only thing is I grabbed the wrong fabric (aqua one) as I was in a hurry and the shop was really busy..... and of course because Im not spending I had to use it.

And then I made another card.. I am addicted to card making at the moment and of course it had to have bunting on it too!!!

miracle card

Little Miss Sunshine is off to a party today too, its a girls pamper party and sounds very fancy.  We bought her friend some Smiggle supplies (essential when you are 9 years old) and I made her a clip holder.

pink clip holder

And on Friday my darling wee  girl painted me this beautiful canvas.  She said its for my craft room. Pretty clever for a 4 1/2 year old I think!!!

elise painting


Lisa said...

Hi, I came across your blog from Khris's Swap. Just wanted to say Hi.. Im a NZer living in NZ. Love your blog.... take care Lisa from NZ

Jacqui said...

Thanks again Leonie :D I absolutely LOVE the cushion! And I am going to try and hunt down a frame for the card you made, it is a little tiny work of art :D Thanks again for comming yesterday xx

Leonie said...

Oh Jacqui I am so happy you like it. Cant wait to meet you little one :)

Leonie said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for popping in :)