Sunday, August 15, 2010

Making positive changes

This weekend has been all about making positive changes.

Today I forced myself out of bed at 6.15am and headed down towards Brisbane to the Northey Street Organic Markets (read about it here).  And I was instantly hooked.  Beautiful fresh organic produce, meat, eggs, a whole stall of gluten free baking products (organic too), fresh milk, and one very yummy Almond cookie (gf) for my brekkie.  It was worth the drive through 5000 traffic lights, getting breath tested just before I got on the motorway, having messy hair and the tenuous parking. Next week I will be going with a list and most of our grocery budget.

I have decided with my thyroid problems and coeliacs I need to be much more aware of the food I am eating, but just as importantly, what my children are eating.  Evidence shows there are a lot of things that can affect the thyroid and these include Fluoride (which thanks to the government is heavily dumped into our drinking water under the wrong assumption it will reduce dental cavities -which there is no evidence to show it actually does). So we switched to drinking pure water (unfortunately we buy this in a box until we can afford a proper filter system which probably carries its own issues).

We have also switched to eating only organic eggs and chicken. I've always been concerned about the extra hormones in chicken and eggs and eggs are one of those great foods that I eat daily. 

 A recent article on TV said that girls as young as 7 years old in the USA are starting to reach puberty - 7!!!! They said that it is due to the high rate of obesity and also all the extra hormones children are ingesting which mimick estrogen.  It is also due to the chemicals that are present in our plastic bottles (yes, BABIES bottles!) and the linings of our tinned foods.

Yes, I know we can't change everything and we are going to be affected by all the chemicals present in our environment. Im certainly not trying to take the moral high ground at all. I am concerned about the fact that I have two autoimmune dieases and my children are at risk of developing both of these (1 in 22 chance of coeliacs) and the Endocrinologist said the girls are more predisposed to developing thyroid disease. Living with both of those conditions I will do anything I can to help prevent them developing them.

But by starting small I hope we can make significant changes that are positive for our health and our environment. Im also hoping it will enable our children to think critically about some of these issues. 

Here's the changes we are trying to make at the moment (I have more up my sleeve once my hubby gets used to these *grin*)

*switching to organic eggs and chicken

*moving towards eating organic meat

*moving towards eating organic fruit and veges

*making our own household cleaning products

Its a process and we are not going to get it right all the time, but I think its good to make small changes.

Inspired by Renee I have also made my first batch of homemade washing powder.  Renee found the recipe on Towards Sustainability (a great blog with heaps of eco friendly ideas and recipes). I havent tried it yet because the washing was all caught up to date yesterday... so watch this space :)  I used one bar of Sard in my batch, with 3 of sunlight soap. Ive always loved Sunlight soap and have fond memories of it being used in one of those plastic cage things to shake around in our dishwater when we went camping. Does anyone remember those? or what they are called? or where you might be able to get them now?

Next I am going to make the homemade dishwasher powder but we used all the salt for the recent play dough so will have to wait until our next supermarket visit. Renee has modified the recipe she found on Towards Sustainability and Im going to try her version of it.

Aside from our household changes...Ive also been making blog changes. Recently I changed the theme which Im really happy with and Ive been adding a few other new bits.  So... over to your right you will see a Friend Connect gadget, please add your name :)

Ive also added a new page at the top of my blog with some of the Christmas stockings I have made over the years. I was thinking I might do a Christmas stocking sew along ..... anyone interested?

Well this is a long post and I cant leave it without any photos so here's one... the christmas stocking I made for myself last year....

My stocking the 'piece de resitance'


Renee said...

I'm liking your new look! Pretty colours and the pattern on your background is also pretty.

I would be VERY interested in a stocking sew along. I have been waiting for a sew along that tickles my fancy and a Christmas stocking one certainly does :)

I've just made my 2nd batch of dishwasher powder...but am finding that it isn't cleaning the tea from my mugs (they are white) very time I might try putting the borax in...can't wait to see how yours goes and if you have any different alterations for it. Good luck!

Simone said...

Er, perecto SHOULD read "PERFECTO"!!

Simone said...

Hey Leonie, i am super-impressed with your efforts towards healthier living. Very.
I will watch with interest how it all goes for you - I never even knew you could make your own dishwashing/washing powder!!
So far i am very very lazy and can't see myself going there yet, BUT who knows?? You have inspired me in many ways, so why not a few more??

If you head on over to my blog, you will see a post inspired by you. Once again thank you sooo much for your kindness and generosity. I used the GF pasta animals to make the kids some dinner on Saturday night and it was DELICIOUS! Perecto. You couldn't tell the difference between my GF mc'n'cheese and and our old beloved favourite. THANKYOU!!!!
Luv from

christina said...

Hi there, this is the first time I have come across your blog and I love. I admire you for the changes you are making. I remember those little cages for the dishwash, I use to horseride when I was a teenager and I rode this 90 year old mans horse and in exchange I did housework for him and he had one of those!

Look I found one on trade me !

I will enjoy reading your blog. And I read Greafun4kids blog and I think you are a very kind and precious friend for posting those little goodies. God bless xxx

Renee said...

I would definitely be interested in a stocking sew along!! I've been waiting for a good sew along to come by and I think that would be perfect.

Good luck with the washing and dishwasher powder...I'm just finding some long-term downsides to both at the moment...but am hoping to tweak the recipes to fix them! I'll be interested to see how you go.