Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shingles natural remedies anyone?

Today I got a rash... its nasty and itchy and red and feels like my skin is burning off.  It started on the left hand side of my abdomen and is now also a little bit on my left arm and the left side of my neck.... no pictures this post - its not worth sharing!

Last week I was feeling pretty yuck all week, hence the lack of blogging. I felt like I was getting the flu and was tired, aching, etc. I just wanted to sleep - a lot.  So Im not surprised I have something, just annoyed.

So I told the Doctor, no thank you to the antiviral medication that eases the symptoms 'a wee bit' but can cause liver damage! And took myself off to the health shop. Yep, I know, no spending this month.. but I figured, its my health and wellbeing, not my usual frivilous spending and I HAVE to get well. Im sure that has to fit in somewhere with the groceries and petrol necessities.

So now Im taking Vit C, Collodial Silver, Lysine and Selenium...

Im going to also try putting collodial silver straight on to the blisters and have heard Calendula is also good (which we have at home).

Does anyone else have any brilliant home grown remedies?


Kelly said...

eek no natural remedy ideas sorry but I have had shingles on my face - was awful, it felt like worms squirming in my eyes! I took whatever drugs they gave me along with numerous eye exams. And you're right - it might be a no spend month but your health is important! Hope that it all clears up quickly

Simone said...

Hey Leonie, so sorry to hear about that nasty rash! Is it shingles?? That's associated with chicken pox isn't it??
My sister had it when she was little (chicken pox, then shingles a few years later);
I have no words of advice just lots of sympathy :(
Calomine lotion??? If the blisters haven't burst you could try that to stop itching?
Oh and I am so impressed with you no-spend gift. LOVE that card!! Beautiful.