Sunday, August 1, 2010

Spend free August

 For the month of August 2010, I, Leonie, blogger and shopaholic, declare I will not spend money for one month (aside from the necessities of food and petrol).

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I confess, I spend too much money and its time to get my habit in check. When we first moved to Australia I used to go to the local mall everyday but I think it was boredom and loneliness. Over time I have lost interest in the mall and only go there now if I absolutely have to and get in and out as fast as I can.  I actually hate going there now and thats probably a good thing. 

But alas, I have no problem visiting fabric or scrapbooking shops! And I have the cupboard to prove it!

So, in order to change my habits, make use of what we already have, save some money and make the hubby happy, I am going to have a no spend month.

I know its not a new concept and you can google it to find heaps of  links and great ideas.

For the month, this is what I am going to do :

  • I am going to get stuck into my 'works in progress' and finish some of them. 

  • I am going to make gifts to put away for Christmas. 

  • I am going to scrapbook and attempt to catch up somewhat (only about 4 years behind *gulp*)

  • I am going to attempt to make some homemade cleaning products with recipes from here and here

  • I am going to sort out stuff and purge our cupboards (started in Little Miss Sunshine's room today).

  • Im going to take things we dont use/need and pass them on to people who can.

  • Im going to list things on Ebay and not buy anything there too!

Of course I will have to buy us food but instead of my sometimes daily trips to the supermarket Im going to go only once a week!! and make do after that - phew!  And we will have to buy petrol because we live a little too far from school and its on a very busy road.

We will also make the most of our local library (which we visit frequently anyway), take walks and bike rides maybe even visit the beach (it was 26C  (78F)here today and its the middle of winter!!! I like it!)

SO - Would YOU like to join me?????

Leave me a comment and I will put a little list of those who are joining me on the sidebar (hopefully!) and then let me know how its going for you.  I am going to try to blog daily about the highs and lows of this adventure!!!

Right, now I have to go and spend some money because there's only 6 hours left until tomorrow!!! ... just kidding!


Shruti said...

I'm in... I just spent on some beautiful fabric today... And the way i MANAGE my money has always been a problem between me and hubby... He'll be blessing you... But I am in...

Jennifer said...

Good luck!!! :)

Jennifer said...

Sure, I'll join you, Leonie! I have the advantage of having a young baby in the house and it's too much effort to go out and shop, anyway! So, shouldn't be too hard. I am the same, I hardly ever go to the mall. But crafting materials are definitely my weakness as well. And I have so many WIPs it's hard to know where to begin!